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Chapter 743 There Is News About Young Master Ye

  • As the ladies left, Yan was pulling Han Muzi. “You are just going to let her go that easily?”
  • Han Muzi glanced around. “Mentioning the dismissal was meant to frighten them, and to shut someone’s mouth.”
  • After the two sat down with their meal, Yan quietly glanced around their surroundings. She then lowered her voice and asked, “But do you plan to wait forever?”
  • After hearing that, Han Muzi paused for a moment before raising her eyes to look at Yan. She said nothing.
  • Yan was slightly frightened by her cold stare. She recoiled and explained, “Actually, I have no other meaning. I only wanted to know if this lack of news of him persists, are you planning to wait forever? And to keep on managing the company for him? If this continues, you are going to be really exhausted.”
  • “Yan.” Han Muzi suddenly called her name.
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