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Chapter 656 Anxious

  • Yan cleared her throat when she heard that. “I already found an advisor. I won’t abandon my efforts.”
  • “That’s fine as long as you are confident. Don’t forget to post the job vacancy to the public and hire an assistant as soon as possible.”
  • Mm-hmm, alright. The company is getting busier with time. I’m always swamped each time you leave. I think it’s best to hire an assistant.”
  • Once the two of them agreed on the issue, Han Muzi recalled the matter that was bothering her. She sat at her desk and stared at Yan while hesitating to speak her mind.
  • “What is up with you? Just spill if you have something to tell me. Please don’t sit there and glare at me like a resentful woman. Fortunately, I am a woman; otherwise, outsiders might think that I was a playboy who broke your heart.”
  • Han Muzi was rendered speechless by her response.
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