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Chapter 1133 Not Turning Out as One Would Wish

  • Yan was much more heartless today when compared with last time at the party. When she faced him, she was no longer restless and nervous. Mockery filled his eyes yet she stared straight at it without any fear. It was good for her to be this way, but the words that came out of her mouth wasn’t what Han Qing wanted to hear. He kept his eyebrows furrowed while the aura around him was in a calm state before he took a step forward. “Please listen to what I have to say. About that night, I can explain.”
  • As soon as he mentioned that night, her face changed drastically. Suddenly, she remembered the scene where she stupidly closed her eyes to wait for his kiss, but he pushed away ruthlessly when she opened her eyes. At that time, he must have seen my look. He must have felt that I was stupid! Even as she thought about it now, she felt that she was stupid and disgusting. At this point, she started to feel disgusted about herself inside. If I end up entangling myself with him again today, I won’t be able to live with myself. As the thought came to her mind, Yan said with an indifferent face, “President Han, you don’t need to explain yourself. I can see the truth clearly.”
  • Han Qing gazed at her with his clear eyes. “I drank too much that night, so—”
  • “Enough!” She instantly reached out to cover both of her ears and took a few steps back while becoming emotionally unstable. Her eyes were wide open as tears shone in them. “I just said that you don’t need to explain it. I can see it clearly. What else do you want?”
  • Her reaction caught him off guard as he stood there with his eyebrows frowning even more. Ever since that night, he had always wanted to find the opportunity to explain to her, but she never came to him. Now, he went to her and even waited for a day, but she didn’t want to hear his explanation.
  • Yan continued to cover her ears while shouting, “I didn’t know better back then, so I’ve constantly pestered you. But, I promise you from now on that I will never let it happen again. If you really think that I’ve crossed the line, please let me go for you and your sister’s sake!” As soon as she finished shouting, she ran off without waiting for his reaction. He never tried to stop her because of her unstable emotions.
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