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Chapter 407 A Pleasant Collaboration

  • Yan was startled for a minute, then she followed Han Muzi’s order and brought over the catalog.
  • The catalog was set by both Han Muzi and Yan on that day. It wasn’t the final version, but for now, it was enough to briefly satisfy the man in front of them, so she right away gave it to Ye Moxuan.
  • “Sir, you can have a look at our catalog. Because we are just a newly-opened company, so there is still chance of a discount for the prices shown. If you really like our design and help introduce more clients to us, we will send our sincere greetings to you annually during your birthday on behalf of the whole company. We will even add a set of designed outfit, on the house.” Han Muzi introduced the company to him with a calm voice, the same way she communicated with a normal client. Excluding Ye Moxuan, even Yan found her weird, so she kept on glancing at her from time to time.
  • Yan thought to herself, How is Muzi so calm in such a situation?
  • Meanwhile, Ye Moxuan gave the catalog in front of him a look while listening to her emotionless voice. It wouldn’t be true to say that he wasn’t angry inside.
  • After she was done introducing, both parties went into another round of complete silence. Since she wasn’t in a rush, she quietly waited for his reply.
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