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Chapter 1347 Are You Unhappy About Something?

  • Lower myself? Faced with this question, Yan had never considered it to be a problem. Thus, she shook her head. “How am I lowering myself? In a relationship, there is no need to be bothered about who gives more.” This was what she firmly believed in.
  • The rest of the staff members nodded along with her. “That’s true. As long as both are mutually affectionate and like each other, who cares about who gives more in a relationship?”
  • “Yes, you’re right. Miss Zhou, you have a good mindset.”
  • Although the staff member who asked the question did not agree, she decided against saying anything more when she saw Yan’s happy expression. Thus, everyone else happily praised Yan for it. Seeing as everything she planned for was more or less prepared, Yan decided to head to the company to look for Han Qing.
  • Her arrangement for today went like this. First, she would visit Han Qing as usual and pretend as if there was nothing out of the usual. Then, once he got off work, she would follow him out. Afterward, she would claim that she was hungry and bring him here to eat. For the final touch, she would spring her surprise on him. Thus, she went to the office as she usually did. On her way up, she ran into Xu Yanwan.
  • Xu Yanwan was about to go out to gather information. When she ran into Yan, she immediately understood what was going on after considering what day it was today. “Are you going to celebrate his birthday today? Has everything been prepared?” she asked offhandedly.
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