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Chapter 1142 I Was Bluffing

  • 5,000. Perhaps, with 5,000… Nevermind. I'm just afraid that the kid will come up with some other tricks to rip me off even more.
  • At this juncture, Li Sihan felt regretful and could not stop thinking that he should not have pretended to be someone he was not. But since they were already here, it would not look good if he were to leave right now.
  • Li Sihan was full of regrets. After entering the cubicle, he painstakingly watched Little Bean put in the order while calculating how much it would cost in his heart, trying to comfort himself. Whatever. It's just 5,000; it’s not even enough to marry someone. The most important thing right now is to win her heart.
  • The thought of marrying Yan which would eventually make him the owner of the ramen shop brought a smile to his face. By then, he no longer had to get up early to go to work; he would be his own boss, while she took care of him at home. As such, Li Sihan felt that spending 5,000 was a worthy investment.
  • After placing the order, Little Bean noticed that Li Sihan did not look unhappy; instead, he was seen reveling in his thoughts. Although puzzled, Little Bean reckoned it was not anything good. "Sir, what's on your mind?"
  • The abrupt question posed by Little Bean brought Li Sihan back to his senses. He let out a smile after seeing the clear and dazzling eyes on the kid sitting across the table. "Nothing much. Are you done? Is that enough?"
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