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Chapter 1011 A Sight That Brings Back Memories

  • “Manor?” A confused look appeared in Ye Moxuan’s eyes when he heard that.
  • Han Muzi snapped back to her senses. Having lost his memories, he did not remember the manor. She explained, “It’s the previous residence of the Ye Family. We used to live there five years ago. Later…” Later, she left, so she did not know when they moved away from that place.
  • By the time she returned to China, she did not care to know about the state the manor was in. It wasn’t until recently that she found out the manor had been vacant for many years. That was because Old Master Ye had been placed in a nursing home all this time, while Ye Linhan had established himself on his own and no longer lived there either. Needless to say, based on his temper, Ye Moxuan could not continue living in that house.
  • “What happened later?” Ye Moxuan responded, seemingly not too bothered by it.
  • “I’m not sure. You have to ask Xiao Su about the situation at the time.” He had always been by Ye Moxuan’s side, so he would be the best person to ask about this.
  • Xiao Su? Ye Moxuan pursed his lips and nodded. “I will handle this matter; don’t worry.”
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