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Chapter 1293 Eating Is the Main Event

  • Jiang Xiaobai felt her mouth start watering when she stared at the delicious food served at the table. I was dragged out of bed the moment I woke up today. I haven’t had anything to eat all day. I’m famished!
  • Hence, she yanked at Du Xiaoyu’s hand. “Mom, the dishes are served. Let’s eat first. Everything else pales in comparison when there’s so many delicious foods in front of us.”
  • Du Xiaoyu checked and realized that there were merely two to three dishes served on the table. She couldn’t help but glare at Jiang Xiaobai. “The dishes have not all been served, but you’re already acting like a glutton. Are you a pig? Can you please control your expression? Don’t overeat later.”
  • Jiang Xiaobai glared at her mother with resentment. “Isn’t eating the main event of the day?”
  • Du Xiaoyu hesitated before she spoke, “Xiaobai, your boyfriend is here.”
  • Oh, it’s my fake boyfriend, Jiang Xiaobai thought to herself. She was the first one to pick up her chopsticks when everyone sat down. There were very few people at her table since everyone wanted to sit nearer to the main table. Jiang Xiaobai and Du Xiaoyu were the only ones at the table when they took their seats. Hence, Jiang Xiaobai started eating without hesitating.
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