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Chapter 701 Being Worried

  • She could no longer bear the thought of him suffering anymore, so she decided to nod her head.
  • Ye Moxuan was taken aback as he was leaning over, as he probably did not expect her to admit that right away. Looking annoyed, he opened his mouth and spoke with a hoarse voice, "You are heartless. Don’t you know why I’m doing this?"
  • Han Muzi bit her lower lip and said, "Of course I know why, but… you have to get some rest. Or… maybe you can stop flying home?"
  • Ye Moxuan was rendered speechless. He put his head down, and after a moment of silence, he forcefully kissed Han Muzi on the lips like it was a punishment.
  • "I worked so hard for more than ten hours and you already want me to leave after I just got back? There's not much time left until the wedding. Please just be patient. Don't mess with me."
  • Han Muzi replied, "I’m not messing with you. I’m just being honest. Have you not looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Look at you. I’m afraid if this goes on, you will frighten a lot of people on our wedding day."
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