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Chapter 208 Let’s Go Back

  • “Ye Moxuan must’ve sent you to punish me.” Shen Qi touched her bruises. It was hurting a little.
  • Now that we are both in the elevator, will I have the opportunity to escape?
  • "Second Young Lady, If you continue talking to me like that when we get downstairs, the staff will make fun of you. By then… I won’t be able to control what others say.”
  • Is this a threat? Shen Qi looked at him, but Xiao Su quickly looked away before she turned her head, acting as if nothing happened.
  • The elevator went down slowly and soon reached the ground floor. When the door opened, Xiao Su stood behind her. "Let's go, Second Young Lady."
  • Shen Qi didn’t have a choice but to follow him out as she didn't want to make herself a joke.
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