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Chapter 338 Nightmare

  • If she directly turned him down, then he, as the brother, would be heartbroken.
  • Therefore, Shen Qi chose to remain quiet, seemingly giving her tacit approval.
  • Han Qing didn’t stick around for too long. He left right after making sure Shen Qi had finished the porridge. Before leaving, he said, “I’ve had some men watching and protecting you from nearby. However, don’t you ever repeat the same mistake of opening the door directly without confirming who’s knocking.”
  • It was only because Shen Qi had too much on her mind that she would do such a silly thing without thinking through. Fortunately, it was Han Qing who knocked on the door, for she would have ended up worse tonight if it had been someone else with a malicious intent.
  • Therefore, she agreed and nodded. “Alright, I heard you loud and clear.”
  • After Han Qing left, Shen Qi closed the door and returned to her bed, only to realize that her phone was already charging. Then, she noticed the laptop that was sitting quietly on the nightstand.
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