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Chapter 413 What If I Don’t Let Go?

  • At Ye Group Building.
  • When Han Muzi went to the reception to inform them that she was from the designer company, the receptionist’s reaction changed and she said, “Why don’t you people know when to give up? The last one who came over was given the cold shoulder by our Young Master Ye, and you people still decide to come?”
  • When Yan last visited, the receptionist heard that she was from a collaborated company and she believed her, so she contacted Ye Moxuan. However, when Ye Moxuan came down to meet Yan, he treated her very coldly. Although the receptionist couldn’t hear anything from their conversation, it was obvious from Ye Moxuan’s face that he was frustrated. That was why when she heard Han Muzi say that she was from the same designer company, she immediately became annoyed.
  • Han Muzi wasn’t angry at her, and instead she smiled calmly. “It’s your President Ye that called me over. Where has he gone to now?”
  • “Is that so? And why should I believe you?” The receptionist was still suspicious.
  • Seeing how skeptical she was, Han Muzi simply asked, “Why don’t you make a call and ask?”
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