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Chapter 1413 You're a Coward

  • Xiao Su was only trying to scare her, although she ended up being really taken aback by his actions. He enjoyed the nervousness on her face, but he didn’t expect her to react so quickly, even taking the initiative to wrap her arms around his neck.
  • As she wrapped her arms around his neck, the distance between them became closer. It was an intimate moment, with a high tendency for a kiss to happen. Xiao Su found himself breathing heavily.
  • “Are you trying to kiss me?” Jiang Xiaobai fluttered her eyes as she coaxed him.
  • Her cunning gaze made her look like a fox when she smiled. Xiao Su felt like he was falling into her trap and pursed his lips.
  • “Why are you not answering me?” Jiang Xiaobai moved her fingers and pinched his neck. Xiao Su’s breathing became heavier, and the color of his eyes was rapidly changing.
  • Jiang Xiaobai clearly saw what was happening, and she was delighted with the result she got from her tease. She increased the tension by getting closer to him while she brushed her red lips against his and whispered, “Why are you suddenly so quiet? You seemed to be quite capable earlier and even took the initiative to lean against me!”
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