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Chapter 1122 Do You Mind Being Alone

  • After that, the banquet host even ordered a server to follow Yan so that she’d be able to order him however she wanted. Yan thought it felt over-the-top, and so she waved her hand to reject him. “No, no need. There’s honestly no need. I’ll handle it myself.” I would be uncomfortable if someone were to follow me. Besides, I’d attract more attention in the end.
  • However, Han Qing broke the silence suddenly. “Let him follow you for now.”
  • Huh? Why, though?” Yan was confused. Why does he want someone to follow me? I will feel uneasy. However, she was too shy to say anything, and so she stared at Han Qing wide-eyed, willing him to understand her intentions.
  • However, Han Qing didn’t get it and merely stated, “Let him follow you. I need to leave for a bit later to handle some matters.”
  • Yan finally understood what he meant, and so she had no choice but to nod helplessly. “Alright.”
  • After that, the server followed Yan, whereas the banquet host whisked Han Qing away. After Han Qing left, Yan did not receive less attention. On the contrary, more people started staring at her.
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