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Chapter 1653 Coming-of-Age Gift

  • Yuchi Yishu dragged out the ‘okay’ at the end as he asked her, which made her blush. Tang Yuanyuan was a young girl who had just entered adulthood and was still immature. How could she resist it when he talked to her like that?
  • She pulled her hand back bashfully and looked somewhere else without answering him.
  • He paused when he realized what he had done. In an attempt to cover up the weird atmosphere, he started to drive off.
  • “Where do you want to go today?”
  • It was a habitual question. Since they were little, regardless of whether they went out to eat or play, he would always ask her for her preferences and thoughts first. At the same time, she always had an idea and was always able to give him a location or food that she wanted to eat unless her mind was a mess and she could not keep up.
  • Just like how she was right now. After he touched her hand and asked her that question, she was unable to handle it anymore. Her heart was beating rapidly and her mind was a mess.
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