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Chapter 1169 It’s Troublesome Being in a Relationship

  • Alas, Yan just ran back to her room. Luo Huimei came and knocked on her door while Yan acted as if she did not hear her. When Luo Huimei knocked harder, she just replied, “Mom, don’t knock anymore. I’m in the shower.” After that, she immediately took a new set of clothes and hid in the bathroom. She then started using the showerhead, so that Luo Huimei could leave after hearing the water splashing about.
  • Yan quickly rushed out of the bathroom after she remembered something. She went to fetch her phone from outside, returned to the bathroom, and locked the door. There was only the sound of water splashing in the bathroom—all other sounds were isolated.
  • While listening to the sound of water splashing, Yan switched on her phone and texted Han Qing. However, on second thought, she had just come home not long ago. Han Qing was probably driving now. She would interrupt him if she were to text or call him now. Fine; safety first.
  • Yan set her phone aside on the sink, then started bathing. She was unsure if Han Qing was going back to the Han Residence or his private villa from before. If he was going to his private villa, then she would not be able to estimate his arrival time. That night when she went to the place, she was confused; whereas on the way back, she was being evasive. That was why she did not even have a look at the place or notice its location.
  • Well, even if he has reached home, he’d probably need some time to wash up. I’m not sure how much time this will take. I’d better not rush and slowly take my shower. I’ll just text him later.
  • Initially, Yan was planning to shower her body only as she had washed her hair yesterday. She did not have the habit of washing it daily. Moreover, she later became busy with the restaurant, so she tried to skip out on washing her hair whenever she could. However, everything was different now since Han Qing and her were a couple. They might be seeing each other every day. Well, according to Han Qing’s attitude, it could be hard to see him every day, but… what if?
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