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Chapter 291 Turn Against Each Other

  • Her words were a surprise to Shen Qi.
  • She didn't expect Han Xueyou to say it directly like this in a loud voice.
  • Hence, she turned her head in a panic as she looked at the door of the ward.
  • "Qi, are you very scared? Because you are pregnant with Ye Linhan's child, so even if you are with Ye Moxuan, you won't feel peace. If, and I mean if, Ye Moxuan knew that you had an affair with Ye Linhan, do you think that he could tolerate this?"
  • Hearing this, Shen Qi's heart turned cold. She looked at Han Xueyou. "So what? Are you going to tell him about this? Or do you think that by saying this, I will divorce Ye Moxuan?"
  • Han Xueyou shook her head with a look of horror. "You've misunderstood me, Qi. As long as you don't want to, I won't tell this to anyone until I die. Qi, we are best of friends, and I always have your best interest at heart. Look at this..."
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