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Chapter 800 You Scoundrel

  • Han Muzi was filled with fury, but she didn’t dare to simply turn around and leave, so she could only stand there while forcefully repressing the anger in her heart.
  • “Alright, let’s end this here.” Feeling that the woman’s facial expression and aura around her body were about to explode, Ye Moxuan promptly ended the seemingly endless meeting.
  • There was supposedly another half an hour before the end of this meeting. “Alright, we’ll discuss the rest tomorrow.”
  • After ending the video conference, he removed the Bluetooth headset from his ear and looked toward her. His gaze was deep; when his gaze fell on her, she straightened her back. A pair of clear eyes—like autumn water—stared back at him.
  • “Come here.” He moved his lips lightly.
  • “Why?” She was brimming with anger, and her anger was tinted with the sourness of knowing that he might be engaged to somebody else. This sourness was fuel for her anger—the stronger the sourness in her heart, the hotter the flames of fury burned.
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