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Chapter 1438 Mother and Child Are Safe

  • After all, Mr. Zhou had seen Han Qing protecting his daughter perfectly with his own eyes when they first came out. Yan had a blanket wrapped around her, whereas Han Qing only had a small towel for modesty; his clothes were torn and ripped while burns littered his skin. At a glance, one could see that he had successfully protected Yan, but the two men were still fighting even after they arrived at the hospital. Their bodies were obviously in good shape, but what about Mr. Zhou’s own daughter? She was nowhere to be seen, and the emergency room’s light was still glaring overhead. At his question, the entire place fell silent.
  • Luo Huimei consoled him a moment later and said, “It’ll be okay. Yan was born under a lucky star, so she’ll definitely be alright. Stop asking pointless questions.”
  • Mr. Zhou pursed his lips. Seeing that Yan was still in the emergency room, he was full of worry. If he could barge in and take a good look at her, he would not hesitate to do so. Since Luo Huimei and Mr. Zhou were both present, Xiao Su did not make any other movements. His face was stiff as he sat down, emanating an aura that kept people from approaching him.
  • Han Muzi took advantage of the current calm and rushed over to Han Qing’s side, asking him softly, “Are you alright, Qing?”
  • At the sight of his sister, Han Qing’s frigid eyes warmed up slightly. He pressed his lips together before saying in a warm tone, “I’m alright.”
  • However, Han Muzi was still worried. “Does it not hurt? Do you want the doctors to check up on you?” As soon as she spoke, she felt like she had said the wrong thing; Yan was still in the emergency room, so how could Han Qing possibly leave? Clearly, people had a tendency to become more flustered when there were more things going on at the same time.
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