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Chapter 1532 No Turning Back

  • The kiss was strong and painful. Jiang Xiaobai was unable to push him away as he freely rubbed his lips against her lips and teeth. She felt that he had a strong cigarette smell on him earlier when she stood close to him, but now that they were practically all over each other, that cigarette smell had amplified and made her wonder how much he had smoked.
  • After some time, Xiao Su let her go. He placed his forehead against hers and affectionately looked her in the eye. "You may go now. No matter how long it is, I'll always be here waiting for you." Xiao Su loosened his grip on her shoulders and gently pushed her to the security checkpoint. Just as Jiang Xiaobai thought he was never going to let her go, that kiss turned out to only be a goodbye kiss.
  • "Don't look back. If you don't want to be with me, please don't give me any hope." Xiao Su's eyes turned red.
  • Just like that, a man over six foot tall stared at Jiang Xiaobai, teary-eyed, in that crowded place. She felt a sharp pain in her heart. Nonetheless, she forced herself to walk up to the security checkpoint before her tears rolled down her cheeks.
  • After passing the checkpoint, although she felt a pair of eyes locked on her, Jiang Xiaobai never looked back. After she retrieved her suitcase, she moved along. From Xiao Su’s perspective, her receding figure showed nothing but determination and resoluteness.
  • Even though he had told her not to look back, it was her own teary face that caused her to not have the boldness to do so. After spending so much time together, her feelings toward Xiao Su had intensified. Choosing to leave at this point made her heart ache. But, without leaving him, she felt that she could never get through certain things. She did not want to keep compromising herself for her child, as she believed that Xiao Su had the sense of responsibility to raise the child by himself. She was indeed a cruel mother.
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