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Chapter 778 Unexpected Guest

  • It was George—the man who took her to the bar and lied to her. When she thought of the time she was given a hard time by the Caucasian man and how George only stood aside while looking on stupidly, Han Muzi was so angry that she turned around immediately upon seeing George.
  • “Hey, don’t go.” George quickly went forward to stop her with a pleasing smile on his face. “You’re not still angry with me for what happened last night, are you?”
  • Han Muzi remained silent. He had done such an awful thing, but when those words came out from his mouth, it sounded as if something was going on between them. After noticing the looks of people around them, she frowned and scolded directly, “What are you on about?”
  • George just realized that everyone around was looking at them, so he coughed softly while lowering down his volume. “I’ve realized my mistakes, so I came here to apologize to you as soon as possible.”
  • Pursing her pinkish lips, she replied coldly, “No need for that.” Then, she walked directly past George and toward the cafeteria.
  • At that moment, someone with a petite figure ran toward her while waving her arms. “Muzi, wait for me.”
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