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Chapter 149 Please Let Us Go

  • With that, Ye Moxuan's hand rudely tore off the pajamas she had just put on.
  • "Ah!" Shen Qi exclaimed, and her petite body trembled with fear, being in his arms. Seeing Ye Moxuan's hands start to roam over her body again, she thought of the incident she had experienced this morning. Right now, certain body parts of hers were still aching.
  • If he does the same thing like he did this morning
  • "N-No!" Shen Qi grabbed his wandering hand, almost on the verge of tears. "Don't do this to me!"
  • If he wanted to do the same thing as he did this morning, Shen Qi couldn’t guarantee that her baby would be safe.
  • Her intense reaction had left Ye Moxuan stunned for a while. Then, he increased the strength in his hand as he groped her. His eyes suddenly turned cold. "What’s wrong? Are you afraid to let me check because you’ve done something bad?"
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