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Chapter 433 Why Show Up Again?

  • She hasn’t eaten all day? Ye Moxuan frowned as he peered at the unconscious woman. No wonder she has such a serious stomach ache. Looks like she doesn’t care for her body at all!
  • Yan realized she had let something slip when she was done talking, so she quickly kept her mouth shut and asked, “Mr. Ye, can you please notify me which hospital you’re at? I should go take a look.”
  • “No can do.” With those few words, Ye Moxuan ended the call.
  • Yan was left listening to the beeping sound from the phone. Damn! Ye Moxuan, you b*stard! Do you think you can do whatever you want as a client? You son of a b*tch! No wonder Muzi was unwilling to mind him. This man is too unreasonable! But then again... Yan gave it a thought with her lips closed. Even though Ye Moxuan is annoying, it is clear from our talk just now that he knew that Muzi lost consciousness and he doesn’t seem too happy about it. He must have been worried about her, right? He also didn’t deny that he is in the hospital. So does that mean he is in the hospital now?
  • Eventually, Yan sent a text over to him as she was still concerned. ‘Mr. Ye, may I ask whether Muzi is now under medical care?’ That was all she wanted to know.
  • Ding! Ye Moxuan replied to her in a flash; only one word appeared in his text. ‘Yes.’
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