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Chapter 1220 Unhappy

  • Lin Qin’er smiled and nodded as the girl fell into the trap. “Yes. You should go and change your clothes. By the time you’re done changing, your toothbrush and facial cleanser would be delivered to you.”
  • Yan smiled happily and nodded. “Okay, thank you. You can bring me those things later. For now, I’ll just go back and have a change.”
  • Lin Qin’er finally sighed as she watched Yan leave. She was really afraid that Yan would simply rush into the room. As expected, Yan was a little girl who didn’t know anything, so it was not difficult to ease her out. Even so, how could this little girl be so forgetful? How could she even forget her toothbrush and facial cleanser? And now Lin Qin’er had to help to deliver it to her? Lin Qin’er felt the fire in her heart raging, but she still turned around and went in to help Yan get her toothbrush in order to maintain the image she created for herself. However, even after searching through the whole bathroom, Lin Qin’er couldn’t find the things mentioned by Yan. It wasn’t just the toothbrush, because she couldn’t find any facial cleanser either.
  • Lin Qin’er placed both her hands on the sink, as she stared at her own reflection in the mirror solemnly. This can’t be right. If she had really left those things behind, it would be impossible that neither of them could be found. If she really couldn’t find them, what else did this mean? It meant that she had been tricked by Yan!
  • Yan was lying to her face! Lin Qin’er clenched her fist as she realized what had just happened. Damn it! How could she be fooled by a girl who was so much younger than she was? However, Lin Qin’er soon came to realize why the girl decided to make a fool out of her! Did she already realize what was going on? But how could she know what was going on? She didn’t let her in…
  • Thinking of this, she decided to go out and have a look. After Yan confirmed that her thoughts were true, she wandered back to her room. Han Qing invited her to go over for some milk as soon as she entered the room. However, Yan had not even brushed her teeth. She ran to look for Lin Qin’er right after she got up. So how would she dare to drink milk in this state? Hence, Yan rejected his offer and immediately went to brush her teeth.
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