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Chapter 1468 Do You Love Me?

  • “It’s fine!” Liang Yahe waved her hand gently and said with a smile, “It’s good for a girl to be so cheerful. Besides, it's cute for a girl to behave slightly immature. Judging from her character, I can see how well you two have protected her all these years. Xiao Su will take over the responsibility to protect, love and pamper her dearly in future!”
  • As a woman, Liang Yahe knew how miserable it would be to be mistreated by the mother-in-law after getting married, which she had experienced before.
  • Back then when her mother-in-law treated her badly, she thought she must not do the same to her own future daughter-in-law. She wanted to devote all her love to her daughter-in-law so that everyone would be jealous of her having such a nice mother-in-law.
  • Why would the daughters-in-law have to receive the ill-treatments from the family-in-law once they get married? They aren’t nannies, so they shouldn’t be doing all kinds of tiring house chores and treated badly just because they are married to their sons. They must be treated well! This was what Liang Yahe thought, and she told herself not to repeat the history she had experienced before with her family-in-law.
  • Du Xiaoyu suddenly felt moved by Liang Yahe’s words. She touched her nose as she said softly, “I didn’t expect you to be so nice to Xiaobai.”
  • Liang Yahe got closer to Du Xiaoyu and said, “I know right? Mrs. Jiang, why don’t we begin our discussion on their marriage?”
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