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Chapter 1281 A Sense of Crisis

  • After sending the text, Jiang Xiaobai placed her phone down and continued to put on her makeup.
  • At first, she wanted to wear a more casual attire to attend the party, but Du Xiaoyu came earlier in the morning and stared at the former. Du Xiaoyu commented that no matter what, Jiang Xiaobai needed to put on her makeup to attend the party. Most people here came in pairs and they were in proper attire, so Jiang Xiaobai shouldn’t be an exception. Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t argue with Mrs. Jiang. Hence, she resignedly agreed to her mother and changed her clothes.
  • “This is more like it. By the way, where is that boyfriend of yours? You must remember to bring him along with you too,” Du Xiaoyu reminded her.
  • Thinking about it, Jiang Xiaobai let out a soft cough. “I know. He is now busy with his work, so he’ll be going there later. We can go there first.”
  • Du Xiaoyu frowned her brows in suspicion after hearing Jiang Xiaobai’s words. “Is he not coming to pick you up?”
  • “Yeah, he’s busy with something now. Let’s go first, Mom.” Mrs. Jiang stood stationary as she stared at Jiang Xiaobai. “Mom, don’t you believe me? When I say he’ll go, he will go. Don’t worry.”
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