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Chapter 548 Don't Fall in Love With Me

  • Yan paused and looked at the person in front of her in disbelief. Did I hear wrong?
  • My crush is asking me if I'm up? Isn't this in my dream? Why is he talking to me?
  • Thinking of this, Yan blinked, but she still couldn't return to her senses. Perhaps it was because of the lingering effects of the alcohol last night that still made her confused today.
  • Seeing her staring at himself blankly, Han Qing remembered the events that happened last night and everything that had happened before that. He pursed his thin lips and closed the book with a thud.
  • The sound had made Yan sober up. Something's wrong. If it's just a dream, why is it so real? And Han Qing seems a little cold? What’s going on?
  • Yan bit her lower lip and got up from the ground. She looked quite disheveled when she got up. Sleeping in the dress she wore last night, one of the straps hung off her shoulder and revealed her fair skin. Her dress was creased, offering Han Qing glimpses of her body.
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