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Chapter 990 Some Time to Myself

  • Since he mentioned that he needed some rest, Han Muzi would not oppose it. So, she cautiously helped him walk to the bedroom. Ye Moxuan was indeed exhausted; even though they were alone together, he had no more energy to make a move on her. Furthermore, Han Muzi took care of him exceptionally well by softly pulling the blanket over him. The serious look on her face was like the look of a mother when taking care of her child.
  • Ye Moxuan swallowed his saliva while he was looking at Han Muzi. He could not help but hold her by her hand before she stood up. He said in a hoarse voice, "Come up here."
  • Han Muzi turned and looked at him as he suddenly grabbed her by her hand. "What're you doing?"
  • "Let's sleep together."
  • Han Muzi's face turned from being surprised to being embarrassed. She looked at him with a fierce look on her face. "Now is not the time to be thinking about that!" After she said this, she angrily pushed Ye Moxuan away and put his hand back on the bed.
  • At this point, Ye Moxuan began to cough—this terrified Han Muzi. She quickly responded, "Are you okay?"
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