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Chapter 1608 Finding Out the Truth

  • It had been a long time since she ate meat, and she really missed the days where she could freely eat meat whenever she wanted.
  • Tang Yuanyuan had just taken a few bites when the chairs beside her were pulled out by two people.
  • Tang Yuanyuan raised her head and saw her roommates Yuan Yuehan and Zhang Xiaolu.
  • “Hey, Yuehan, Xiaolu. Are you here to eat too?”
  • Tang Yuanyuan thought that she would be having her meal alone, hence she was feeling particularly lonely. However, with her two of her roommates here, it would be merrier.
  • Zhang Xiaolu was unhappy, but she was afraid that Meng Kefei might have lied to her, so she held her temper back. She decided to ask Tang Yuanyuan and clarify the situation before she did anything else.
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