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Chapter 710 Why Are Your Hands Trembling?

  • Something had happened to the plane? Yan’s mind went blank when she heard the news; she was so shocked by the news that it took her a long while to react. “W-What did you say? What do you mean something happened to the plane?”
  • Yan wasn’t Han Muzi, so the secretary’s assistant naturally spoke frankly with her and told her all about what Su Jiu had said. Seeing how Yan couldn’t seem to understand the situation, she simply said, “If you still don’t understand, just check the news on your phone. The news has already been broadcasted.”
  • Yan couldn’t utter a word. Where would I find the time to do anything else? She could only do as the secretary’s assistant had said—she took out her phone and hurriedly checked the news. Sure enough, she saw the news depicting that something had happened to the plane Ye Moxuan was on.
  • “How could this happen? Why would something like this happen? How is that possible?” After reading the news, Yan was still unable to accept it. How… could such a tragedy occur on such an auspicious day? Suddenly, she remembered the scene when Han Muzi broke a glass while getting her makeup done. At the time, the stylist’s assistant had thoughtlessly remarked, “Spilled blood—that’s an ill omen.”
  • At the time, Yan simply thought that the assistant was extremely thoughtless to speak of such inauspicious subjects. Now, it seemed like it had been an ominous sign. Yan was in shock—it felt like her brains were boiling—and was unable to process anything.
  • Muzi… She suddenly thought of Han Muzi. How will Han Muzi, the bride, react after finding out about this incident? Her hands started trembling involuntarily at the thought. “Is the information accurate? Perhaps Young Master Ye was not on the plane?”
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