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Chapter 347 She Will Not Come Looking for Him Again

  • “He can go ahead with his business, and I will mind mine. There will be no conflict between the two matters.”
  • However, no matter what she said, Xiao Su was reluctant to provide her with an address.
  • In the end, Shen Qi commented helplessly, “You just won’t tell me, will you? Fine, I’ll leave now.”
  • With that, Shen Qi left the Ye Group directly. Just before she left, she turned around and said, “Since he is so busy, I… I will not come looking for him again. As for the divorce procedures, I will get someone to handle it.”
  • “Sh-Shen Qi!” Xiao Su panicked when he heard that, and he stopped Shen Qi to prevent her from leaving. “Alright, I’ll take you there. But… you may regret it once you’re there.”
  • She really freaked me out. If Shen Qi refuses to meet Ye Moxuan, how can they possibly resolve their misunderstanding?
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