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Chapter 438 Getting Rid of Him

  • When Han Muzi went back to her office, she sat down, but her head still felt heavy. It might be because she fainted yesterday, so she used her hands to press on her temples. Although she felt better afterward, the gastric pain she endured this time seemed more serious than before and even lingered until now. Is it because of him?
  • As she sat there, Yan came in. She came in holding a stack of documents, then she pulled over a chair and sat beside Han Muzi. “I’ve calculated it. According to our contract, no matter which party decides to terminate it, we will need to pay up to three times the compensation fee. If it’s only just one order, then we wouldn’t need to pay so much, but Mr. Ye took up all of our company’s orders. So… the compensation fee may exceed our expected budget.”
  • Han Muzi kept quiet for a while before asking her, “How much do we need to pay?”
  • Yan looked at her and let out a gentle cough. “I did a rough count, and after paying the compensation fee, we will probably have only a few ten thousand left.” After she was done, Yan looked like she was about to cry as she held onto her face. “If we had known this would happen, we should have just thrown him out when he first came to us. Ugh… Now we’re going to be broke!”
  • Only a few ten thousand left after payment? Han Muzi perked up the corners of her mouth. “That’s fine. I thought we didn’t have enough.”
  • After hearing what she said, Yan widened her eyes in shock. “Are you kidding me? We’ve just lost a ton of money and you’re saying it’s fine. I thought—”
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