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Chapter 964 A Hidden Agenda

  • The plan Yan came up with gave Han Muzi a headache. Nonetheless, she had to be careful with her words since Little Bean was beside her and she did not want to give him the wrong idea.
  • Feeling the change in the room’s atmosphere, Yan grabbed her phone and walked out. However, she did not know where to go after that.
  • By noon, Ye Moxuan was still not back yet. Han Muzi thought, How did he get so lazy? Xiao Su brought Little Bean over early this morning in his place, yet he is still asleep in the hotel now? Did he not sleep well last night?
  • At this point, she did not expect him to come back. Instead, the Yuchi Family sent Yu Bo over once again to pick Little Bean up. She let Little Bean visit Old Master again to get on his good graces.
  • It was Chinese New Year but the house felt cold and empty. That made Han Muzi feel extremely miserable. Looking down, she rubbed her small belly and said softly, “My baby, you’re the only one I have now.”
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