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Chapter 830 No Kidnapping My Woman

  • The smile across George’s face almost vanished when Ye Moxuan blocked his way. However, he had to keep up appearances as a man.
  • “Yuchi, I’m just going to check why the dishes are taking so long to be served. Why are you blocking my way?”
  • Ye Moxuan shot George an icy and eerie glare without saying anything, and his lips were pursed. Nevertheless, Ye Moxuan’s aura was palpable, and it was so forceful that George took several steps backward.
  • “Alright, fine. I won’t leave the room, alright? I’ll wait right here for the server to serve our dishes.”
  • With that, he walked briskly back to the table before signaling Han Muzi with his eyes discreetly before Ye Moxuan came close.
  • Han Muzi’s hands were underneath the table, so no one could see them. However, she knew that she was fidgeting so hard that her fingers were digging painfully into her skin.
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