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Chapter 1110 I Promised

  • “Alright, I’ll find out what’s going on for you. Although she doesn’t want to see you, she should be fine with seeing me.”
  • Ye Moxuan wasn’t too sure, but he still nodded. “Sorry for the trouble, Aunty.”
  • “Tsk! At least you are more polite now. Just because of this, I will help you to convince Muzi even if you have really done something wrong.” However, she added after that, “But if you are really fooling around outside, I will ask her to break your leg with me.” Then, Song An went to see Han Muzi. While Han Muzi lay on the couch without having the urge to do anything, she heard that there was a knock on the door.
  • “Muzi, it’s me, Aunty Song.”
  • Han Muzi only returned to her senses when she heard Song An’s voice from outside. Aunty Song? Why is she here? She immediately realized that Ye Moxuan must have asked Aunty Song to come here. Hmph, that bastard actually asked her to help him out! How infuriating!
  • Since Aunty Song was their elder, Han Muzi couldn’t pretend that she wasn’t around, so she asked, “Aunty Song, what’s up?”
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