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Chapter 124 Her First Official Task

  • Having a rough time?
  • Shen Qi didn't know how to describe it.
  • To say that she had a hard time, it was not quite true, for Ye Moxuan treated her very well sometimes. Although he seemed wicked on the surface, he was really helping her out. But to say that she was having a good time, that was not the case too. After all, she didn’t have wealth and status, so there were many things that she couldn’t do.
  • "Sis?"
  • Shen Qi returned to her senses and smiled."Don't ask so much. Your friends are still waiting for you, right? Off you go."
  • Only then did Shen Yue blink. "Okay, sis. Then I'm going to find my friend first," Shen Yue said cautiously while putting the remaining 1,000 into her wallet.
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