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Chapter 1177 It Won’t Cost Me Anything

  • Moreover, she even got angry at the time. She felt awkward and embarrassed as she thought about it. Even though Lin Xuzheng was friends with Han Qing, she, on the other hand, was not. So, after he teased her with that sentence, she did not know how to respond to him.
  • Lin Xuzheng put down the cup of tea and smiled at her casually. “What’s wrong? Two people being together is a good thing. Why do you have that look on your face?”
  • Seeing his pretentious smile, Yan seemed to have understood. He must have come here on purpose after finding out about us. She did not know what kind of relationship they had or why he was so interested in Han Qing’s love life. Still, she could not bring herself to ask him straightforwardly.
  • Nevertheless, Lin Xuzheng was a quick-witted person. He instantly knew what Yan was thinking and asked, “Are you wondering why I’m here?”
  • Uh… Though she did not speak, the expression on her face gave her away.
  • “I just find it amusing. Do you remember when I said I would introduce someone to you?”
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