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Chapter 392 Getting Closer

  • Lin Qingqing looked delighted when she heard that, and she clung onto her mother’s arm. “Mom, you are the best! Were you the one who went looking for Aunty Song?”
  • Mrs. Lin smiled gently when she heard that and replied with a tender voice, “How could I not know what my daughter is thinking? Besides, I do think that the man this time is decent. But… he doesn’t seem willing to go on a blind date. I wonder…”
  • “Mom, that’s impossible. I’ve asked around, and it turns out that Ye Moxuan does not have a girlfriend. Otherwise, with Aunty Song’s character, how would she allow him to go on a blind date?”
  • “That’s true; we have to trust Aunty Song’s word.”
  • Once she was dressed for the occasion, Lin Qingqing made her way downstairs, and she smiled tenderly at Song An. “Aunty Song, good day to you. Why are you so free to drop by today?”
  • Song An glanced at Lin Qingqing’s outfit. She was wearing a light pink knitted top paired with a pink tulle skirt. Her beautiful curly hair hung loosely around her shoulders, and she had very light makeup on, which made her fair face look smooth as a baby’s bottom.
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