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Chapter 1064 Complicated Memory (1)

  • The president from the great Ye Group was serving food at her small restaurant. She never thought something like that would ever happen. If it weren’t for Muzi… Since meeting Muzi, everything seemed to have changed. Yan lowered her eyes and did not speak.
  • Suddenly, Xiao Su said, “You don’t have to worry. There’s a reason Young Master Ye is doing this. He is very attentive to Young Lady Ye now. You don’t have to take responsibility.”
  • Yan knew that Ye Moxuan was doing this because of Han Muzi. But it was precisely because of Muzi, however, that she felt a bigger responsibility. “Mm.” She nodded and did not say any more.
  • Xiao Su looked at the side of her face and his lips twitched like he wanted to say something, but he eventually remained silent. Meanwhile, Luo Huimei saw everything clearly as she watched them.
  • In a short moment, Han Muzi saw a figure come out of the kitchen. He was carrying a serving tray with two bowls of noodles on it.
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