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Chapter 1449 It Has Nothing to Do With Me

  • Under Han Qing’s gentle persuasion, Yan slowly came to her senses. However, she was still very tired. Hence, she fell asleep soundly soon after leaning in Han Qing’s arms.
  • Han Qing stayed by her side and kept her company right after she fell asleep. When Han Qing thought of calling her parents to tell them that she was fine, Yan was startled from her sleep and woke up immediately when Han Qing tried to put her back in bed. She then grabbed his hand tightly.
  • “Fire! Blazing fire over here. Stay away, get out of here quickly! N-No!”
  • She didn’t open her eyes; she just groaned in fear while holding onto Han Qing’s hand. Evidently, she was having a nightmare.
  • Apart from comforting Yan, Han Qing had to wipe the cold sweat off her forehead and neck as well. However, Yan’s condition didn’t get better at all. She was still in a half-conscious state; she kept warning Han Qing to run while grabbing his hand, unable to stop mumbling about the fire in her nightmare.
  • It seemed like she was really frightened out of her wits.
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