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Chapter 758 Congratulations, You Officially Work Here

  • Han Muzi took several days to properly tidy her house. Although the house came fully-furnished, she didn’t like the style in the house. Hence, in the last few days, she changed the bedroom to a style she preferred. The unit was not as spacious as her condo back home, but it had good lighting. The sun shone brightly into the house everyday and the area wasn’t too noisy. Plus, there was a supermarket and shops nearby her building for her daily needs.
  • At the moment, she was still waiting for some news from the Yuchi Group. Two days had passed since her interview, but she had yet to receive any notice that she had been employed.
  • She was slightly worried, but she knew that worrying wouldn’t solve the problem and so she weighed her options… If I’m not qualified to work as a secretary's assistant, maybe… I should take the next step and start slowly from the very bottom. I just have to think of it as starting all over again by working as the most basic staff member. I must at least be qualified as the most basic staff member. I’ll figure the rest of it out after joining the Yuchi Group. That was her plan.
  • Han Muzi finally received a phone call from Yuchi Group on the third day. They informed her that she passed the interview and that she should report for duty on time tomorrow at 8am. Han Muzi’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that and she was stunned to silence for ages.
  • “Hello, did you hear what I just said?” the woman on the other end of the line asked since she did not receive a response.
  • Han Muzi snapped back to reality and she nodded eagerly. “Yes, I heard you. Thank you! Should I report for duty directly tomorrow morning?”
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