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Chapter 773 What Do You Want?

  • He was not too loud, but loud enough for everyone there to hear it. His words silenced the room that was rowdy moments ago.
  • George did not seem to be surprised. He proceeded to lead Han Muzi to a cleaner spot and sit down. "You may sit here."
  • After Han Muzi was seated, she felt all the eyes in the room were on her. Some were curious; some were admirable; while some were skeptical.
  • George then shouted, "Everyone, let's stop drinking for a moment. Muzi right here is not used to the alcohol smell. I will just keep the door open for now so that the smell can go away.” He quickly asked everyone to put down their glasses.
  • Yuchi Shen’s name was like a heavy-duty explosive that blew everyone up. Although they looked calm on the surface, no one was bold enough to say a word in response. Amidst everything, Han Muzi seemingly heard a lady murmur.
  • "What? Yuchi Shen’s woman? Does Yuchi Shen fall for this kind of woman? She looks boring. What is she doing here?"
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