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Chapter 1594 A Group Photo

  • The houses in Snow Town were not only beautiful, but also built for a purpose. The roofs were piled with snow, giving the overall scenery a vast outlook of whiteness. At the doorstep of each house laid a shovel and broom for snow removal, and there were rows upon rows of street lights to illuminate the area at nightfall.
  • The sky at dusk was so beautiful that one might think they were in a dream.
  • Tang Yuanyuan got down from Yuchi Yishu’s back. Pulling out her mobile phone, she started capturing several photos of the scenery. A thought struck her mind, and she turned around to ask, “Yishu, we haven’t taken any photos together yet. Shall we take one now?”
  • “Okay.” Yuchi Yishu nodded in agreement, like the accommodating brother he has always been to Tang Yuanyuan.
  • Tang Yuanyuan turned on the front camera of the mobile phone as she said to Yuchi Yishu, “Let’s use this to take the pictures.”
  • “Alright.”
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