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Chapter 829 Worry Due to Love

  • Han Muzi talked about the past in brief by skipping some complicated events. She ended it within a few minutes, whereas George was in a state of bewilderment. It wasn’t until several moments before he snapped back to his senses.
  • “Are you saying that you and Yuchi were already at the wedding stage, but Yuchi met with an accident on your wedding day?”
  • Han Muzi nodded. “Mm-hmm, he did not arrive on the day of our wedding because the airplane met with an accident. We searched for him for a very long time, and we traced him all the way here. Then, I realized that he’s lost his memory, and that he doesn’t recognize anyone.”
  • “Was that why you tried getting into the company to get closer to Yuchi?”
  • Han Muzi looked slightly embarrassed. “I was left with no choice. When I met him, he was so cold and detached toward me. He didn’t recognize me at all. If I were to tell him that I was his lover previously, he would most probably take me as a lunatic,” Han Muzi commented with a self-deprecating tone, but she had a bitter smile etched across her face.
  • Seeing her so sad, George’s heart went out for her.
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