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Chapter 1019 Come Home

  • I won’t go home. However, this time around, when Yan quit her job, her heart was hollow and empty. Although she was staying in the house Han Muzi had bought, she was the only one left in this house—Little Bean was living with his great-grandfather overseas while Han Muzi was shacking up with Ye Moxuan.
  • Feeling extremely lonely, she naturally started to miss home. Still, when she thought about how her father had never once given her a call in all these years, her heart overflowed with untold grievances. Thus, despite longing to go home, she stubbornly refused to go home.
  • Young people were always saying things they did not mean. Those hard-hearted words she said in anger all those years ago were coming back to bite her now. If only my father would give me a call right now and ask me to go home; how great that would be.
  • Like a loser, she indulged herself in an endless cycle of eating and sleeping. Having never experienced such loneliness before, coupled with her broken heart, she was wallowing in misery; she felt like the world had abandoned her. Nevertheless, it was unrequited love.
  • Sob, sob. The phrase ‘love is a pain in the butt’ wasn’t just simple hearsay. In the past, if she had not dabbled in something like love, then she wouldn’t have fallen into her current state. If only there was somebody by my side right now, Yan thought.
  • Rolling over, a ray of sunlight shone through the window and blinded her. Thus, she got up and closed the curtains. Now that light could not enter the room, it fell into complete darkness. That’s much better.
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