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Chapter 1381 I Promise, Alright

  • Forget it; I don’t care. Xiao Su pursed his lips, saying nothing.
  • “Hey, you haven’t answered my question. Were you deliberately trying to change the subject just now?”
  • “No.” I just happened to think about it; that’s all. If you want to talk, then talk. Why do you have to lean in so close?
  • Then, Jiang Xiaobai narrowed her eyes as she stared at him. “Are you feeling guilty about something?”
  • As she spoke, she leaned in close again, as if trying to figure out something from his expression or his eyes. With that, the distance between the two of them narrowed again. His heartbeat started beating wildly again, Then, he scowled and pressed his palm against her face, pushing her away. “Talk properly. Don’t come so close to me.”
  • Before she could react, her face was pushed back. The heat from the man’s palm was transmitted directly onto her face. By the time she struggled against him, he had already withdrawn his hand, and she had been pushed backward.
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