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Chapter 1553 Is He Your Brother?

  • Reaching their dormitory block, Yuchi Yishu and Zhong Chufeng helped the girls get their luggage up the stairs. The other roommates hadn’t arrived, therefore Tang Yuanyuan and Meng Kefei could choose their beds first. Meng Kefei didn’t want to sleep on the upper bunk, hence she chose a lower bunk.
  • “Do you want to sleep on the upper or lower bunk?” Yuchi Yishu asked Tang Yuanyuan, who had rosy cheeks.
  • Just when Tang Yuanyuan took a look and wanted to speak, Zhong Chufeng mocked, “Yuanyuan, I think you should choose a lower bunk as the upper bunk may not be able to hold your weight.”
  • Tang Yuanyuan understood the meaning behind his words. Her rosy cheeks turned as red as an apple in an instant, and she hung her head low without saying a word. Yuchi Yishu shot him a stern look. However, Zhong Chufeng continued to mock, “The lower bunk is safer and more convenient as you don’t have to climb up and down. Moreover—”
  • “Are you done?” Yuchi Yishu questioned in a glacial voice. Zhong Chufeng was startled and glanced at him. At the same time, he also saw Tang Yuanyuan, who hung her head low with a reddened face. In that instant, he recalled what Yuchi Yishu told him on the bus some time back.
  • Yuchi Yishu said that Tang Yuanyuan had grown up, therefore they shouldn’t mention the word ‘fat’ in front of her. Zhong Chufeng remembered that and had no longer called her fat on purpose. However, when they were choosing a bed, he subconsciously thought that it wouldn’t be safe for her to take the upper bunk, therefore he suggested that she should choose a lower bunk instead. His intention was good, and he didn’t mean to hurt her. In that instant, he was utterly embarrassed.
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