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Chapter 1130 Our Little Restaurant Doesn’t Welcome You

  • On the first day, Yan did not go to Han Group. On the second day, she gathered her money, transferred them to Little Bean and asked him to pass it to his Uncle Qing.
  • Little Bean asked her in bewilderment on the spot, “Aunt Yan, did you owe Uncle Qing money?”
  • “Yeah, I owe him a lot of money. This is the savings that I have. I’ll return a little to him first and the rest later. Little Bean, can you return the money to him for me?”
  • Little Bean blinked, looking at the large amount of money. Even though it might be nothing worth mentioning to Han Qing, when Little Bean came to help Yan lately at the restaurant, he knew that it was not easy for her to earn money, so this amount of money might be all of her savings. Therefore, he did not accept the money and asked instead, “Aunt Yan, how much do you owe Uncle Qing? Do you need me to help you to return the money?”
  • “What?” Yan froze for a moment. “You would help me to return the money?”
  • Little Bean nodded seriously. The next second, when she was unable to control her laughter, she hugged his shoulder before reaching out to caress the back of his head and pinching his cheeks. “You silly boy. You are just a kid, so how are you going to help me to return the money?”
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