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Chapter 720 Can You Please Think for Yourself?

  • Han Qing’s eyebrows were glued together for a whole night ever since Su Jiu told him about Han Muzi’s pregnancy. His lips were also pressed together at the same time. The aura that he had forbade anyone from coming near to him. The nurse, who came to check on Han Muzi, was terrified to see his face in this manner, but she needed to continue with her task, so afterward, she left as if she was escaping him.
  • Su Jiu was Han Qing’s secretary and she had been following him for many years, so naturally, she knew a bit of his temperament. At this moment, Ye Moxuan is missing and the wedding didn’t go on as planned, yet now, Miss Muzi is pregnant. If something really happened to Ye Moxuan and he can’t be found, then Han Muzi and her child would have a tough road ahead of them. Even though she never stopped believing that Ye Moxuan would be alright, life was still unpredictable and not everything would work out in the way that people hoped. Many things were at the mercy of natural disasters.
  • She suddenly rose to her full height and walked toward Han Qing after she thought for a while and sat next to him. “The doctor said that Miss Muzi’s body is still weak, but it’s all fine now. He said that it was fortunate for her and the child to be alive.”
  • Han Qing’s eyes rolled, but his lips were still pressed tight, so he did not acknowledge her words.
  • Su Jiu tried to probe him by saying, “President Han, actually, I feel that… the child came at the right time. At least… for Miss Muzi, it is a good thing.”
  • Han Qing, who had been motionless the whole time, finally raised his head after a whole night of silence. He locked his eyes on her and opened his thin lips. “A good thing?”
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