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Chapter 1003 I’m Back

  • The housekeeper took the tea away and left the room. The room then became quiet. Yuchi Jin gazed at the texture of the table cloth and let out a heavy sigh. When his great-grandson was still here a few days ago, the room was always lively and filled with the sounds of their laughter. Now that he was gone, the room felt cold and empty again. Just like how it was in the past as he spent countless days alone.
  • Oh, Yuchi Jin. You’re getting so old. You used to spend your days alone like this. Things are just going back to the way they were. What’s so hard about it? Indeed, it was hard for him to get used to the bitter cold again after the warmth he felt.
  • Yuchi Jin sighed continuously. The two housekeepers standing by the door looked at each other but were too scared to say anything. They were afraid of getting in trouble if Old Master Yuchi heard them and got mad. In moments like these, any person who was able to read a room knew better than to make Yuchi Jin mad.
  • Yuchi Jin did not know how long he sat for but his waist started to grow uncomfortable. “When you’re old, you really do become useless.” He sighed.
  • Just when he was about to get up, he suddenly heard a child’s voice. “Great-Grandfather!”
  • Yuchi Jin froze. He thought he was hallucinating. How else did he hear that cute little fellow’s voice? T-This is definitely a hallucination!
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